Happy 5th Year IIR

Happy 5th Year IIR

Firdaus Ariefatosa

2017-11-21 18:13:54+0700
It was 5 years ago, when …

1. I have to choose a unique codename (IMG 1), .. eosmate

2. Deploy a new !topic in Ingress Resistance Google Groups !forum https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/ingress-resistance/acnrP2tdGg0/3FNI6cuhVykJ *Old-school?, yes, because G+ Community did not exist yet

3. Found (and love) the very first portal target, Istana Merdeka, through Intel Map IMG 2)

4. Spot no activity nearby, found no Resistance yet on the Intel Map,.. But then, someone was taking over my (never-been-touched-so-far) portals in Monas. Thanks to +Enos Karambe​​​​​​​​​​​ @favener, Not a Resistance, but… from that moment, He made me realize that this game is for human, so I am not the only freak (heads down, eyes attached to a gadget, deploy a resonators -and pretending it was a real anchor to rise the portals up, alone, in the middle of the public park … so stupid). So Yeay!!, at least they were TWO freaks! 😁

5. But that’s not enough. Favener is on the opposite faction, I need a team-mate.

6. Just within a weeks, until another freaks join us. (IMG 4, freak-faces aren’t they 😄), and both are Resistance. +Adhrie Sugiarto​​​​​​​​​​​ & +Iftiron Y.Trisnanto​​​​​​​​​​​

7. Then another adventures comes after (IMG 5, 6, 7), and of course my Level 8 access (IMG 8) -No comment please, I knew its L16 now the is most precious one. But… by time, to get (just) an EIGHT, was fu#^king #$%&!(^&… sorry.

8. So.. Weekly gathering, 1st 2nd 3rd 4th birthday party, “Makan-makaaaannn” (IMG 9) and so on, and so on… Well some of us are veterans now, some of us keep the spirit to play, some of us love this games even more than before.

I, am a veteran since quite years ago (I do still have Ingress App installed in my phone, but never touch it until someone mentioned me on the COMM, then I just replied it with emojis). No more gameplay, no more passion to reach higher access level, no more care to how many fields taken down by the Enlightened. I don’t feel its enjoyable anymore.

But, Ingress Indonesia Resistance is a different thing. The community built with the spirit to keep everyone (in and out) has an identity to remember. A memory not to forget, that each of you have a freak-friends, once .. and forever. 😊

Viva La Resistance!!, Happy IIR Year 5 to you all agents. #IIRYear5

+Ingress Indonesia Resistance​​​​​​​​​​

*In-picture agents, +Adhrie Sugiarto​​ +Iftiron Y.Trisnanto​​ +Akhmed Maulidin​​ +eko hermawan​​ +Anindito Ganang Prabowo​​ +Insan Sharif​​ +Awan setiawan​​ +Mairiza Tri Baskoro​​ +Riza Suminto​​ +Aswin Regawa​​ +Nugraha Suryaji​​ +Mohammad Rivaldi​​ +Ari Nugroho P​​ +Dudi Gurnadi Kartasasmita​​ +Indra Wahyudi​​ +Riza Verdika​​ +edwin frans​​ +adi hardiana samsudin

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