Interitus 7th June 2014 – Postmortem

Milo Ais

2014-06-08 23:44:00+0700

Interitus 7th June 2014 – Postmortem

#Resistance Malaysia and
Indonesia pulled a cross-country OPS on Friday, 7th June 2014 in
conjunction of #Interitus
Anomaly event. As AS09-LIMA-13 (Southern Malaysia and Singapore) part of
the additional cell from primary cell, the objective is to lead Mind
Unit(MU) against Enlighten on that particular cell. The plan was initiated
by several Resistance agents from neighboring countries including Singapore
to construct a massive Control Field (CF) to cover Klang Valley, Malaysia
and Singapore.

The plan was successful, CF was constructed at 00:38 (+8 GMT) by Resistance
agent. Massive blue CF covered whole Klang Valley and Singapore as planned.
None Enlighten CF was blocking nor constructed at that particular of time
as well. In order to lead the scoring for MU count, the CF must be stay up
at least 01:00 (+8 GMT). The CF was measuring 9 Million of MU was indeed a
great reat plan and enjoyment was felt among the Resistances.

To our surprised, the CF was brought down by 2 Enlighten spoofers/cheaters
in Jakarta, Indonesia. The CF was managed to hold for 30 seconds before
being brought down. Local Jakarta Resistance agents were reportedly fought
with invisible agents on the field. As the moment the massive link broke
down by those cheaters/spoofers, a single Enlighten agent swiftly erected a
series of links to block our effort reconstruct the CF again.

Many ENL agents celebrated their victorious moment. Do they realized that
victory relied on illegitimate spoofers take down the Resistances field and
their integrity is on the line? Hollow indeed is that victory.

Big thanks to

*Malaysia Resistance agents*

*Indonesia Resistance agent*

and RESISTANCE agents on the fields to be named.
Credits go out to all RESISTANCE agents for great effort and spirit beyond
(If we should have happened to forget mentioning agent ID here, you all
know who you are)

*AND also BIG THANKS to the Spoofers too for being the party pooper*

#interitusanomaly +Brandon
+Niantic Project
+NIA Ops
+Joe Philley
+Anne Beuttenmüller

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