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Ignatius bagus

2017-06-12 22:45:19+0700

This story begin a year ago

he is one of us!
one resistance agent ended his journey.
not because he want to end it.
but because GOD say, “it’s your time”.

he is one of us,
he walk, run and stand with us.
yet, sometimes he’s ahead us
and a year ago, he stoped.

today we gather our feeling
today we gather our journey
today we remember him
this what we can do to show our feel.
to give him our respect, and our love.
and says we miss you so much with our prayers

it might just a little thing, maybe its just a link.
but we hope this link connect to you.
maybe its not much, it may not long enough.
because your place too far for our link.
but we hope, you can smile at us from there.
this is our prayer..

Rest In Peace codename Hanzone
for us will keep your spirit under our Resistance flags

+Vicki Ellen​​​​​ +Hilda Leung​​​​​ +Masashi Kawashima​​​​​ +Haerang Dong​​​​​
Abevot +Andi Brata​​​​​
Abyssmall +gilang Ari​​
AkasAsri +Akas Asri​​​​​
AxelBlazh +Axel Blazh​​
ChocoboRider +fathanula​​​​​
DAS13 +agus zizga​​​​​
ebhepe +Erlangga Bayu Permata​​​​​
NURIARIEF +Bagus Nuria​​​​​
OmBrewok +Irdinata Wijaya​​​​​
panglimakumbang +Ignatius bagus​​​​​
rakzap +Fikri Alif​​​​​
RaV3n333 +revan sniper​​​​
Sempok +Sempok Story​​​​​

Portal Key Farmer:
LALALELE +bayu prabudi

Special thanks to:
Alfiyansys +M Alfiyan Syamsuddin​​​​​
Clift +Kama P Mandiska​​​​​
Ladju +Brian K.​​​​​
tatihu +Kevin Kiddy Hahuly​​​​​
*ENL Mojokerto*

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