OPS : BLAstoise, Abaddon Singapore 2015

Ron Raido (zaons)

2016-04-10 09:38:34+0700
Operation BLAstoise, Abaddon Singapore 2015

Strategic field has become significant part of XM Anomaly event. Not only to gain points and push global MU, but also to raise morale of ground agents. Given the “challenging” gameplay situation in Asia, Singapore Resistance call for help from all neighboring Resistance group. Resistance Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar, Australia, answer the call, devising Big Augmented Field plan collectively called as Operation BLAstoise (B lueRain, L apras, A budden).

For days and weeks, planners keep reaching out agents to move the plans. Agents dispatched to farm & deliver keys, crossing islands, hiking mountains, clearing impossible path and guarding lanes. All to show our support to our comrades who fighting on the cluster site.

Our sincerely thanks goes to all involving agent. Only because of your magnificent works, we are able to blanket Singapore in multiple series of blue fields.

Words can’t express how exciting it is to work with you all, nor we able to mention your agent name one by one. People said a picture is worth a thousand words. So please enjoy this album, compiled from fielding teams from all the corners.

cc: +Pooja Srinivas +Masashi Kawashima +Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti +Linda Besh +John Hanke +Ingress +Resistance Global News Network #RGNN

#Ingress #Abaddon
#Blastoise #Bluerain #Lapras #Abudden

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