Obsidian Sri Lanka: BAF and Overwatch

Ron Raido (zaons)

2016-04-05 08:25:38+0700

Obsidian Sri Lanka: BAF and Overwatch

Once again, Resistance Asia were able to pull magnificent giga field as part of Obsidian Anomaly. This time, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and majority of South India was covered by nice blue field.

Two operation was prepared to achieve this mission: Operation GulfStream connecting West Java – Kadapa – Oman, and Operation WakaWaka anchored at Padang – Osmanabad – Kenya. More than 200 agents were involved in both operations, including agents from multiple countries such as Sri Lanka, India, Maldives, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Oman, Kenya, Australia, Malaysia, UAE, Kuwait, Khazakstan, and others.

While GulfStream were unable to go up due to highly contested fight between Maldives, Sri Lanka, and India, WakaWaka were able to go up at M2 netting 166,277,132 MU, even though does not meet measurement checkpoint and taken down in less than 10 minutes. The rest of the anomaly time went without any strategic field, as both faction went full defense mode.

In the end, the day belong to Enlightened for Obsidian Sri Lanka. Thank you for the hard fight from both faction. And as a token of gratitude, allow us to share some of pictures (more to come) gathered from all Resistance team involved.

cc: +Pooja Srinivas +Masashi Kawashima +John Hanke +Resistance Global News Network #RGNN

#Ingress #Obsidian

Obsidian Sri Lanka BAF & Overwatch
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