Unight 16 – One World. One Cause


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Unight 16 – One World. One Cause

The slogan of #Unight16   reflects the unity of all the #Resistance communities around the world. Global Operation #Unight16   was inspired from #Unight8   which was held last year. The inspiration continues as collaboration from South East Asia countries namely Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia came up with two plans for #Unight16SEA  ; 

1) to blanket the region with blue fields and
2) to build Level 8 portals in the cities within those countries.

It all started on a scorching hot Sunday afternoon on the 25th of January 2015, usually weekends are dedicated for family and friends. However, our local #Resistance   communities sacrificed their personal time on that day to join forces with fellow #resistance   agents to complete both operations.

P8 On-The-Go
Numerous #Resistance   agents including new agents gathered together to build Level 8 portal as they move along the city. The event took place at 11:00 (+8 GMT) till 18:00 (+8 GMT) where Level 8 agents moved together to build Level 8 portals around the Kuala Lumpur city. Special thanks goes out to  agent @deAngeL for driving her MPV along with 6 other agents to deploy their Level 8 resonators on pre-built portals.

The adventure began from Kota Kemuning – Subang – Petaling Jaya till Kuala Lumpur section. 
Deployment of Level 8 resonators began from Kota Kemuning. After that the agents headed out to the Subang area  to pick up agent @adyboy, and @CodeU9305767. They cleared and built up the Subang area but they didn’t fully build Level 8 portals as traffic was bad. So they headed out to fetch agent @polarx and began building Level 8 portals around his area. The team then proceed to Oasis, Ara Damansara to deploy their Level 8 resonators before progressing to Citta Mall to join with other groups. From Citta Mall agent @kbng11 took over the wheel and continued to clear out enemy portals and build along the route from cluster to cluster.

Ipoh town Resistance also joined the OPS as they had pre-built level portals since 23rd January 2015. However, the portals did not last till 18:00 (+8 GMT) as they were completely taken down by local ENL agents.

Johor state Resistance managed to build 150 Level 8 portals even though facing a shortage of manpower as most of the local agents were involved in “blanket the region” operation.

The final number of Level 8 portals built were not captured precisely as Intel team faced difficulties in loading the Intel Map during the operation. This was due to server congestion which was a direct result of simultaneous Operation #Unight16   global activity. Resistance Malaysia teams managed to build 500 Level 8 portals at the peak of the operation.

Blanket The Region
The plan to pull up multiple layered fields across the region covering West and East Malaysia and Singapore was conceived by Resistance agents around the neighboring countries (Malaysia – Indonesia – Singapore). A month of tactical and strategic planning by agents @wywy, @Cass, @NS1 @razumi, @Grounde @Tjoe and @MiloAis lead to the hour of reckoning on 25th January 2015.

The Pre-Ops team were coordinated and wrecked havoc by taking down blocking links as early as 11:30 (+8 GMT). Fielding teams from Resistance Malaysia and Resistance Singapore successful yield total of 25,506,238MU.

However due the ghost field/link remained for a few hours due to Niantic server congestion, Singapore was partially uncovered in a furious blue sea of fields. 

Originally, larger fields that was planned that did not come to fruition because it was impossible to take down one particular blocker down in time. The agents from the teams involved with the fields are the unsung heroes of the Operation and we salute the team who put in the valiant effort to clear the lanes for the fields. Oh yeah, about those larger fields that didn’t made it? Until next time agents. Surely it will be done in near the future. Stay tuned. 

Agents involved (Blanket the region)

Agents involved (P8 on-the-go)

Big Shout out to global coordinators
+vn Bedard-Tremblay 
+Anne Miles 
+Nihal Mirpuri 

Last but not least, thanks to +Ingress Indonesia Resistance  +Ingress Singapore Resistance  and RESISTANCE agents who directly or indirectly assisted in the Operation #Unight16SEA   Credits go out to all RESISTANCE agents for great effort and spirit beyond expectations. (If we should happened to forget mentioning agent IDs here, you all know who you are)

– Need highly trained monkeys to become Intel.
– Communication and documentation of the Operations could be better with different approaches.
– Need more fresh blood and more operations to encourage more activity around the region.

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