Battle for AS09LIMA13


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2014-10-01 02:29:03+0700

*Battle for AS09LIMA13*
*Highlights featuring Ops: RollyPolly*
*Total MU: 26,090,092*

20 Sept: Bomb dropped, Singapore is selected as an additional cell for
#helios 09. Random hangouts
started buzzing with questions and ideas.

21 Sept: Enl take lead with multiple fields from @shioksiol, an account
from a group of well known spoofers surviving for more than 2 months.
Significant fields that were made around Singapore were swiftly taken down
by the same group of well known spoofers before checkpoint (too many to
list out!), who were also ever present in our cell battle for Interitus ( Reaction time of this group of spoofers to any
fields – easily within 3 mins.

22 Sept: We needed multi layered fields that could be done within 5 mins or
less to ensure that the fields could last past a checkpoint and minimize
reaction time available for the spoofers. A plan was proposed to @Cass,
@Grounde and @Tjoe on the possibility of a field linking up Malaysia,
Indonesia and Vietnam – the same players that made #cannonball
possible ( Discussions were minimal and uncertain though, as JB
smurfs were busy pushing for #opsMillionaire
worth 4M MU for checkpoint #16 on 24/9 00:00 hours. Unfortunately,
#opsMillionaire was
disrupted by spoofers and only a part of it made checkpoint. The team,
however rebuilt the multi layered fields after the checkpoint to complete
their mission despite the setback. These fields was again brought down by
the same spoofer 1.5 hours before checkpoint #17.

23 Sept: Good news! 6 L8 spoofers from the spoofing group died. We also got
confirmation from @Cass that @NS1 will be travelling pass Muar on Thursday
and would be able to transport keys of our proposed Muar anchor portals
back to Johor Bahru to @GeneC on the same day itself, for transfer to
Singapore, then to Batam on Friday through @Tjoe. Galang keys had been
smartly farmed and hidden at L1 for months by @Tjoe and @Grounde. Logistics
and manpower for the ops was still an issue though, as there is only one
smurf at the Muar anchor proposed, and there were some blocking links in
Enl dominated areas where we have no smurfs presence. We needed to send at
least 2 to 3 teams up to the area. We decided to work with CP #31, 27/9
03:00 hours and continue checking on the availability of players willing to
travel into Malaysia. It didn’t help that a good number of the JB smurfs
were slated to attend the wedding celebration of @rockhwd later that day
(Congrats +Teng H X ) and
thus were unavailable to participate in the action.

24 Sept: After the JB smurfs had concluded on their op, discussions kicked
into high gear. We pulled in @Cappu from Muar, and some agents from JB and
Batam who might be available. (We had to translate Bahasa, Chinese and
English within the hangout!). Checks and arrangements were done on possible
pre-clearing of blocking links. We also needed people on Bintan island and
@Grounde volunteered as usual. A meet up was scheduled with @Golro for the
Vietnam keys previously received from @Phuctap.

25 Sept: Logistics remained a headache, there was only one car available to
head up to Muar and the blockers. Singapore agents were looking at heading
to Muar through public transport – the players were needed for linking
range and speed, but the last bus heading up was too early for the guys who
were working. The idea to rent a car was also quickly discouraged due to
the unfamiliarity of the routes especially given the dark secondary rural
roads that we would be travelling on. :(@MekjkrhG from Maldives (now based
in KL) was then pulled in for intel so that @wywy could go into the field
to make up the numbers. Things were still not quite finalised, but @Cappu
being excited on his first ops, decided to come up with a banner.

26 Sept: With less than 15 hours to our target checkpoint, the search for
an additional car finally ended when @Cass managed to get @lcly and
@Archangel12. Things finally started to take shape and look promising.
Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia reps did a final meet up in Singapore
over dinner to exchange keys, and a discussion and briefing was done to
ensure everyone knew their role and linking sequence.

On arrival at Johor and Batam, each team started their 2-3 hours drive to
the anchors and blockers. Aside from the two Malaysia cars that got stopped
separately by the police, everything went smoothly as planned. Team Batam
reached the Galang anchor at 0230 hours and team Muar and team Segamat
timed and cleared the last blocking links. The team successfully created *6
layers (26M MU) in 2mins*, beating the spoofers this round by closing all 6
fields within a min before checkpoint. Amazing teamwork and coordination
ensured the fields made checkpoint and overtook Enl for the first time
since the fields made from @shioksiol(now banned). This field was
eventually taken down 1 hour later through Jarvis virus by the same L5
spoofer that disrupted #opsMillionaire

27 Sept: Enl created a multi layered field for CP #34 with the help of
@drice88(L5) jarvising a portal on Bintan island, and @MixiM(L4) seen for
the first time in Bintan, topping up a RLA for @drice88 to make the base
link to kundur island.@drice88 had been moving around 4 islands the whole
week setting up and removing blocking links and Kundur has had no real Enl
presence for the last few months. The field bagged the Enl 32M MU and once
again tipped the score back to Enl’s favour. A check with Enl reps on
@drice88 some time back suggest that they do not know @drice88. The field
was taken down few hours later by a Res spoofer.

Special thanks to the JB and Batam team for making ops RollyPolly a
success, and especially agents @Cass, @Grounde,&@Tjoe for their assistance
with the plans and keys. A big thank you to team Singapore (+Piak Ni Men
+ShadoWyfm Dark
+Dustin Lau
+Roman Gollent
+Gerald Tan
), Johor Bahru(+Marcus Sew
+Gene C
), and Batam for the
tireless work all week through with other multi layered fields. Team KL,
led by +Milo Ais and team
Indo (+Boy Indra +Leonardo
) for an attempt that
got foiled on CP #34. Although Singapore is technically THE cell, a large
part of Johor(JB, Malaysia) occupies the same cell. We fought hard and we
fought with heads held high, even though we know that the efforts might not
count for anything. It has been a hell of an amazing week.

*1 team, 1 cell, 5 countries. Viva La Resistance!* \( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)/

*Key transfers*
Golro +Roman Gollent
NS1 +NS Chong
GeneC +Gene C
Tjoe +Leonardi TD
Phuctap +David Appleton

*The awesome and compact rollypolly team who made the fields possible.*
Cass +Castiel Khow
Tjoe +Leonardi TD
Grounde +Leonardo Dacu
ichoel +Haernal Hatari
cyanedel +Candy Lee
GeneC +Gene C
NS1 +NS Chong
Cappu +cappu cinno
zackcruz +Zack Cruz
lcly +low choonling
Archangel12 +Paul Kok
DeadMayhem +Daniel Liaw
VIPX91 +Vipassi Xie
Purposely +Kenneth G.
MekjkrhG +Ali Shabin
ShadoWyfm (standby) +ShadoWyfm Dark

+Brandon Badger +Joe
+Linda Besh
+Anne Beuttenmüller
+Matilde Tusberti
+Niantic Project
+NIA Ops

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