Operation Independence Sitrep


Leonardo (Grounde)

2014-08-17 00:44:37+0700

Operation Independence Sitrep

We, Resistance believe that every operations no matter how small it is make
us more efficient every time we do it and do it again. Today mark a small
footstep in our national operation. One thing for sure. We are awake.

The operation was initiated to connect Batam, Pontianak and Tangerang to
score MU for resistance to celebrate Indonesian Independence Day. Target
checkpoint is at 3pm WIB (GMT +7), Saturday 16 Aug 2014.

Linking / Clearing Team:
Batam : Grounde (C), ichoel
Pontianak : iariza (C), rifkiddo
Tangerang : NITRATE (C), AndiTmp, demyth, Equalet
Kep Seribu : baceno

Intel Operator: Grounde, Tjoe

After setting up the schedule for the ops, special clearing done start on
14 August 2014 night at Pramuka Island by agent baceno.

During the ops day (16 August 2014), start around 12pm, agent from three
side of the anchor do the necessary action to capture and immunize the
portal to make sure the targeted portal was in range and there are no more
blocking links.

1 hour before the checkpoint, agents already make sure that they are able
to make the link and so we wait.

At approximately 2.50pm, links were established from Tangerang and Batam
side. Following the 1st control field, agent from Tangerang and Pontianak
start linking to the rest of the anchor portals in Batam.

We managed to create total 4 layers capturing total MU around 13.6 million
Mind Units over the 3pm checkpoint.

Special thanks for the ideas, supports, marathon key transfers, etc:
AzurePaladin, strykeryder, eaglejv, cyanendel, mbagor001, locla27,
murkysound, bluearmy and lots more agents that make today and future

+Ingress +NIA Ops
+Brandon Badger
+Joe Philley
+Anne Beuttenmüller
+Ingress Indonesia

+Leonardi TD +Haernal Hatari
+Eko Prasetyo
+Candy Lee
+Vipassi Xie

Viva la resistance,

Reshare IIR to the world!

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